While I think that statement is true, I think it’s incomplete. I believe we all need not only help, but a support system. That may be family/friends.

Quite often I see people declare their ability to do it all by themselves, but it’s simply bullshit. No one can do it by themselves. One person may do majority of the work to the point that whomever is assisting is easily replaceable, but no one does “it” alone.

My real concern is when a person does not recognize when they have a great support system. Or when they trade in one support system for something of less quality. My sincere thoughts on that is to never trade only add, but damn sure never down grade.

What I find ironic is that the person who usually needs the most support is the first to scream they did it or can do it by themselves…

So with that said let me give a great rule of thumb. If you do not have the means and resources to obtain and secure your physiological needs you damn sure need some help. That means if you cannot afford to shelter, feed, and cloth your dependents and yourself you need somebody whether its and individual or entity.

Furthermore, the continuous inability to make wise, strategic decisions puts a person in a position where they need to ask of others. LET ME BE CLEAR, that is ok on a temporary basis because we ALL hit a rough patch sometimes, that’s life. Either way when requesting the resources of another especially on a continuous basis that person is likely going to have something to say. This is especially true if they believe there is one specific thing attributing to the requester’s inability to make a “wise” decision that could change their situation.

Just a thought!

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