Take a Walk With Me

Too often I see people make unsubstantiated statements, thoughtless comments, and unqualified judgments. It seems as though, those who open their mouth the most never take the time to walk in another person’s shoes and give thought and consideration to not only the situation, but the context of the situation.

Before speaking on something know your facts, or at least let it be known that you do not know the facts. Therefore if you do happen to make an inaccurate statement you won’t look like a complete fool.

When making comments on a conversation/situation do your due diligence by not only considering the facts put before you, but also how those facts affect the peron(s). Know that everyone is affected by the same EXACT thing differently because perception is reality. How one perceives something is how it happened in their mind. Which is why when twenty different people are asked about the same situation you get twenty different stories. Some times the task at hand may be presenting another view, or helping a person understand they may have taken some thing the wrong way.

Most importantly rarely ever should you pass judgement on another. If you dare try, your best bet is to put yourself in that person’s shoes. If you don’t know enough to do so, then any judgement you make is simply unqualified. If you feel you do then make your judgement, but only he without sin shall cast the first stone.

Overall, be considerate, thoughtful, and forgiving. Whether the person is right or wrong respond in the manner you would want someone to respond to you whether you were right or wrong. I am definitely not saying sugar coat anything or sweep it under the rug. Address the situation with some diplomacy and a little empathy if you can manage.

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  1. Angela D Murray
    Jul.30.2011 - 9:14 AM | Permalink

    Great thought…if we read and take on one of Covey’s philosophy’s “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”, we will all know that judging one another comes back to us “5-fold, (five fingers right back at cha)!


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