Speak on It

Some nights…I sit and think about all my goals, wants, and desires.  Depending on the night I would be lying to say that I know it’s all going to happen.  On those nights, doubt and insecurity take hold of my mind and spread like a virus (dramatic I know).  I’ve gotten better at shutting it down, but I’m human so it still happens.

Either way, I don’t let it slow me down.  One trick I learned in my few years is speaking it into existence.  I tell everybody I know and see what I want to do, what I want in life, not so much when and how because that’s up to a higher power, but definitely that it’s going to happen.  What I’ve learned is if you say something enough times you begin to believe and subconsciously bring it to life.

The trick to making things happen is to truly want it to the point it feels like a need.  Know why you need it and what it means in the grand scheme of things for you and your journey through life.  With that in the back of your mind there will be no obstacle too long, hurdle to high, or wall to wide to keep from your dream.  Because a dream deferred is……well that’s up to the individual.  For me…when it comes to my dreams, I’ll DO, DIE, or be DAMNED!

So Speak onIt, and if you’re anything like me, write it down, put it under your pillow, and dream on it!

Good Night…

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