The Takers

The Takers are the people in our lives who constantly have their hands out. The people who are never willing to help those who have helped them. Futhermore they usually believe that you should be there for them, and that it is only right for you to do the things that you do for them.

From my experience there are different types of takers. The first type are the taker’s who LIKE to get took, usually by other takers. I’ve summed them up to be the “complaining takers”. They take from those who love and will do anything for them, and give give give to those who will do nothing for them. The irony is that they rarely, if ever give to those that have done for them. They have the audicity to complain about the the takers they have chosen to deal with, but since they like complaining they continuously deal w/ their fellow takers.

The other type are the Narcy Takers. Those who feel the world revolves around them and that everything should be at their beck and call. They want you to ask “How high?” When they say jump. And don’t think about disagreeing w/ them, nothing could be more treacherous! You can bend and mold to their every request, but don’t expect the same in return. They have myopic views, either their way or NO way.

Not sure if you’re dealing with a Taker…here’s a general description. They’re selfish, critical of others, inconsiderate, and tend to have a sense of entitlement.
What I’ve found so ironic is that givers are the exact opposite. They’re always willing to give with no expectation of anything in return. When they ask they’re always thoughtful and considerate, wanting to make sure they are not burdening anyone with their request. Unlike Takers who could give a damn about what’s going on in your life. Oh, and be wary of Takers that give. They only do it to have something to throw in your face, remind you about during one of their temper tandrums, or so that they can request even more of you.

Just keep them at arm’s length.

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