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Over the past few years I’ve somehow evolved into  my friends and family “Financial Consultant”. Not quite certain how it happened or when, but not a week goes by without a text about applying for a loan, obtaining/fixing a credit report, buying a house, the list goes on.

I suspect that since everyone knows I’m an avid reader they  just wait for to absorb then come get pieces of what I’ve learned.

After taking a Business Finance, Macro and Micro economics, and learning how the economy and small financial decision can shape a person’s financial well-being for a lifetime, Personal Finance has taken a front seat in my life.

So not only do I read books, but I suscribe to magazines like Kiplingers and Smart Money, RSS Feeds, visit websites, stop in banks and talk to financial consultants (which is free!) and whatever else that may seem like it will help keep me “in the know”!

So here is where I will share with you everything I know, and the resources I use to attain this knowledge.

DISCLAIMER: I, in know way, claim to be a finance professional.  Statements made on this blog are of my own opinion and should always be verified with a professional, and if I’m wrong let me know. That way we all benefit.

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  1. Angela D Murray
    Jul.30.2011 - 9:08 AM | Permalink

    Gucci…continue to use the experts, hence you eventually become an expert…stay true to your word and continue to lean on God for direction. Thank you for sharing

    • Gucci
      Jul.30.2011 - 9:14 AM | Permalink

      I get it straight from the experts either in person or in books


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