Since day one I’ve always been analytical and tenacious. I come from a large family of mostly women, but recently my paternal side has been popping out a lot of boys.

My immediate family is pretty small, just my brother and separated parents. I was born in Atlantic City, NJ where most of my family still resides. Raised in Atlantic County (we moved around a lot so can’t really say one place), but wen to High School at Absegami in Galloway, NJ.

As a child I think my favorite thing to do was dancing, so naturally in middle school and high school I loved going to parties. Ever since middle school I knew I wanted to go to college and started planning how I was going to make that happen. Definitely didn’t have the money, so I knew I would have to use my book smarts.

So I took the PSAT a few times to prep (I wasn’t good at Standardized Test). Then I kept taking the SATs until I didn’t get a higher score. That and my GPA got me accepted to every school I applied, and a full academic scholarship to Clark Atlanta University. From there it was grind and hustle to make it through.

College was hands down the best experience ever, and holds a place in my heart always and forever because it changed me in ways I never imagined for the better.

Now I’m in my post college years trying to put the lessons learned from the school of CAU and the school of Life to use.