The Single Life

Is it really all it’s cracked up to be, or as bad as some think it is…

I say you ask ten different people you’ll get ten different answers. Like I always say to each it’s own, but here is where my opinion reigns supreme (lol).

Either way, I believe it’s all about where your mind’s at. A few years ago I made a conscious decision to be single. I strongly believe life is short, and time is the only thing in life you can’t get back.

With that said once I’m someone’s wife (God Willing) I’ll always be a wife, and people are living long these days. I mean do you really need to be married for fifty years…that’s a bit much. Why not just take five of those and just be all about you. I believe when you’re in a relationship, if done right, every decision you make you have to consider your spouse. Being single allows me to be about me!

The other part of that is when I’m ready, I’ll be ready. I won’t have to wonder or feel like I’m missing anything because I’ve been there and done that. Also, it’s allowed me to meet different guys and find out what I really like, can tolerate, and won’t tolerate…I mean how do you really know if you don’t have anything to compare it(him) to?! I took this time to get to know myself better and what I’m looking for. (CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW)

I’m happy by myself, DON’T mistake that for me wanting to eternally be by myself, but I don’t fear the nights I spend alone. Having a man would be the icing on the cake, which by the way is me. Therefore if I gotta let the icing go a few times I’m still going to eat, there’s nothing to fear. Being comfortable with myself allows me to be choosy and not dare settle for less. Too many times I’ve seen and still see people who fear being by themselves make compromise after compromise just to keep a warm body next to them. Compromise is essential to every relationship, but when it comes to your self-respect/self-worth (and sometimes more) it’s just not worth it, and if you can’t recognize your worth you can’t expect anyone else to (that’s a whole other post).

When it’s all said and done….I’m ready…kind of… idk?! What I should say is I’m in a place that if I find him I’ll hold onto him, but in the mean time I’ll keep dealing with all the guys that are going to make me appreciate once he’s found.

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  1. Mellerbe
    Oct.11.2011 - 8:26 PM | Permalink

    I kno doll face….but I need to b MORE about my own happiness as well…I love myself to death but I kno some of the choice’s I make concerning guys dnt add up to what it should if I love me as much as I claim

    • Gucci
      Oct.11.2011 - 8:28 PM | Permalink

      OH ISH….Now that I respect! Do what you do!

  2. Mellerbe
    Oct.11.2011 - 7:41 PM | Permalink

    Damn that was deep…really got me thinking over you always do

    • Gucci
      Oct.11.2011 - 7:43 PM | Permalink

      Lol…it’s just how I feel…but definitely think about it.

    • Mellerbe
      Oct.11.2011 - 7:55 PM | Permalink

      Will do I think a change is coming tonight

      • Gucci
        Oct.11.2011 - 7:58 PM | Permalink

        Oh don’t make any rash decisions now (in my sarcastic voice), lol. But nah, as you know all I’m saying is think and make a realistic and informed decision. I’m not an advocate of breaking up but of Being Happy!


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