Invite Only

When it comes to dating everyone has there own ways of going about things. Their own ideas of what’s supposed to happen, their expectations, their tolerance, and so forth. In my experience there are few things that are agreed upon across the board, and this hands-down is one of them. INVITE ONLY NO exceptions.

While dating do not ever ever in your life show up at anyone’s house uninvited or without them knowing you are coming. It’s a bad move for so many reasons.

For the intruder (that’s you if you decide to show up uninvited) there’s no telling what you may POP UP (essentially what you’re doing) on. What reaction you may get from the victim (the person you popped up on) or whoever is with the victim. It’s an invasion of privacy and depending on how long you have been dating it will make you look like you are clingy and depending on the situation stalkerish.

For the victim, it would be wise to take this as a sign. If a person is already popping up on you while you are dating just imagine what it would be like if you are in a relationship. These are the ones that are waiting in the bushes for you when you get home (LMAO…not funny though). NO, it has never happened to me because I take signs seriously, but I’ve been told of a very similar situation.
Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but I would not dare state them because someone will try to make their situation apply.

With that said…Pop up at your own risk, but know that with me it’s INVITE ONLY!!!

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  1. Aliyah Phillips
    Jun.09.2011 - 11:15 PM | Permalink

    And just to add…
    Guys please take hints. When a girl is falling asleep on you do not take it as your leisure, especially if you are not in a relationship with her, to stay over & cuddle her while she is sleeping. Only for her to wake up confused & scared to see yo ass behind her all comfortable & ish breathing all down her neck!!!
    Like where they do that at…smdh LOL (Insider!!!)

    • Gucci
      Jun.09.2011 - 11:23 PM | Permalink

      L M F A O!!!!! I almost forgot about that! The funny thing is that I was thinking of you when I talked about the bushes and how I used to tell you that “Who you dropping off in Morehouse Suites” dude was gonna be in the bushes waiting for you. And I actually met someone who was victim to that very fate…LAWD!


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