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The Takers

The Takers are the people in our lives who constantly have their hands out. The people who are never willing to help those who have helped them. Futhermore they usually believe that you should be there for them, and that it is only right for you to do the things that you do for them. […]

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If You’re good I’m good

I make it my business not to judge others, their decisions, or situations. I am like this for several reasons, but here are a few. I can hyposthesize why it is what it is, but I’ll never truly know because most likely I havent been where someone has been. If by chance I have been […]

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Take a Walk With Me

Too often I see people make unsubstantiated statements, thoughtless comments, and unqualified judgments. It seems as though, those who open their mouth the most never take the time to walk in another person’s shoes and give thought and consideration to not only the situation, but the context of the situation. Before speaking on something know […]

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