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to cosign or NOT to cosign…

That is the question with a very simple answer…HELL NO. Yes of course there’s an exception to everything, but they are very few and extremely farther between. There are two main reasons a person needs a cosigner Their credit score is not high enough (which likely means they messed their own up & not good […]

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Personal Finances

Over the past few years I’ve somehow evolved into ┬ámy friends and family “Financial Consultant”. Not quite certain how it happened or when, but not a week goes by without a text about applying for a loan, obtaining/fixing a credit report, buying a house, the list goes on. I suspect that since everyone knows I’m […]

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Building Credit Myths Dismantled

I have had person after person tell me how they got a cell phone to build their credit, or that they pay their utilities/cable bill on time so they know they have good credit. Allow me to add some fact to their fiction, if you are one of those people and have done nothing outside […]

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