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The Takers

The Takers are the people in our lives who constantly have their hands out. The people who are never willing to help those who have helped them. Futhermore they usually believe that you should be there for them, and that it is only right for you to do the things that you do for them. […]

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The Single Life

Is it really all it’s cracked up to be, or as bad as some think it is… I say you ask ten different people you’ll get ten different answers. Like I always say to each it’s own, but here is where my opinion reigns supreme (lol). Either way, I believe it’s all about where your […]

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to cosign or NOT to cosign…

That is the question with a very simple answer…HELL NO. Yes of course there’s an exception to everything, but they are very few and extremely farther between. There are two main reasons a person needs a cosigner Their credit score is not high enough (which likely means they messed their own up & not good […]

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Buying Your First House

This post is well past due. I’m unable to count on my hands how many times I’ve discussed buying my first house, and the surprised response I get. DISCLAIMER: The intentions of this post are NOT to tell you how or whether you should buy a house. It is my opinion that there should be […]

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If You’re good I’m good

I make it my business not to judge others, their decisions, or situations. I am like this for several reasons, but here are a few. I can hyposthesize why it is what it is, but I’ll never truly know because most likely I havent been where someone has been. If by chance I have been […]

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The Secret Spouses

If you have a man that can’t or won’t do anything for you, only you and him should know about him From: An old head What It Means to Me: I can love whomever I choose to, but if it’s a man who cannot or chooses not to do anything for me it’s in my […]

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While I think that statement is true, I think it’s incomplete. I believe we all need not only help, but a support system. That may be family/friends. Quite often I see people declare their ability to do it all by themselves, but it’s simply bullshit. No one can do it by themselves. One person may […]

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Feminine Dudes

Is it me or do guys (some guys) really act like females….dramatic, sensitive, u know all the stereotypical female traits. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to share their feelings because we all have them. But how you deliver them can really affect the response you get. You have to give a tactful delivery […]

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Personal Finances

Over the past few years I’ve somehow evolved into ┬ámy friends and family “Financial Consultant”. Not quite certain how it happened or when, but not a week goes by without a text about applying for a loan, obtaining/fixing a credit report, buying a house, the list goes on. I suspect that since everyone knows I’m […]

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Take a Walk With Me

Too often I see people make unsubstantiated statements, thoughtless comments, and unqualified judgments. It seems as though, those who open their mouth the most never take the time to walk in another person’s shoes and give thought and consideration to not only the situation, but the context of the situation. Before speaking on something know […]

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