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Invite Only

When it comes to dating everyone has there own ways of going about things. Their own ideas of what’s supposed to happen, their expectations, their tolerance, and so forth. In my experience there are few things that are agreed upon across the board, and this hands-down is one of them. INVITE ONLY NO exceptions. While […]

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Lenny Williams — Cause I Love You

I have to say there’s something about this song that turns everybody into a top-notch vocalist (at least they think).  I first heard this song during one of Steve Harvey’s stand ups (don’t remember which one), everybody in the audience went crazy.  First reaction: ???! This song being before my time, I didn’t have an […]

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Speak on It

Some nights…I sit and think about all my goals, wants, and desires.  Depending on the night I would be lying to say that I know it’s all going to happen.  On those nights, doubt and insecurity take hold of my mind and spread like a virus (dramatic I know).  I’ve gotten better at shutting it […]

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